6 top cloud migration tools and software

There is various tool that you can use when handling a cloud migration and making it hassle-free, they include:

Cloud zero

It helps to engineer teams to move to the cloud with confidence through providing cloud cost intelligence that is quite powerful. To use machine learning, the cloud zero does map the cloud costs automatically to products, teams, features, and much more.

With such information handy, you can be in a position of identifying your customers who are the most expensive; find out how the service costs can translate to features that are in your business, and come up with making product and engineering decisions while having costs in mind.

To add to that, automatic cost alerts anomaly keep your engineering teams to be well informed in case there is a cost fluctuation that requires that it has to be immediately addressed which can be important during the migration.

AWS cloud migration services

The AWS migration for the cloud is the leading provider offering various robust, unique, and secure cloud migration tools. They include the migration services for AWS data, the AWS service migration, and the AWS migration hub and AWS snowmobile.


It is a cloud-based migration for data solution for businesses. It makes the bringing to the data from various data silos into the hassle-free BigQuery, which then allows the teams to have visibility which is better and real-time control.

Azure migration tools

It is a Microsoft cloud migration service that includes tools that help teams to migrate the workloads to the cloud in a secure and fast manner. The free tools for azure include app dependency, app modernization, and the azure readiness analysis at no extra cost.

The Fivetran

It is a tool that is cloud-based for database production replication to centralize app data, making building data products to be seamless. It makes sure that the data is up to date and accurate through managing a whole data transfer pipeline.

Carbonite migrate

It makes moving physical, cloud, or virtual data to whatever environment secure and quick. It is known to minimize disruptions while at the same time your team will be able to test the new environment several times as they require. It is good for companies that are out looking to utilize migration automation reliably.


The above are the 6 top cloud migration tools and software which you can utilize when planning to migrate from the traditional way of handling data to the technological way.