Building An Online Store-4 Things You Should Know

Building an online store does not have to be as hard as it sounds. There are several factors that you should keep in mind for instance, the products you intend to sell. Many things can fall under this factor but one place to start is to identify your niche. For instance, Athletic clothes from 412 have a vast consumer capacity worldwide and what better way to reach these consumers from an online platform.

Another product that is making huge sales in the eCommerce world is sportswear. Most people now are going for sportswear as their preferred form of gym attire.  With a high and increasing demand for these products, it makes perfect sense that clothing brands and suppliers would target eCommerce. One of the aspects that make online stores so profitable is the high number of users that surf through the internet at a time.

Before building an online store, here are four things that you should consider as you set up an eCommerce platform.

Licensing and insurance

Before building your online store, it is advisable that you seek legal advice on all that you need to cover the working of an online store such as product liability. You will need to have the proper licensing and insurance policy and coverage for your store.

Product supply

Let’s say you are selling sportswear, you’ll need to have a good and steady supply. You can do this in two ways;

  1. You can work directly with the manufacturer/producer and have them do the delivery of the product to the customers.
  2. You can choose to buy the products from the manufacturer at a lower price and do the shipping to your customers.

Either way, you should decide what’s best for you; you may analyze the pros and cons that come with each choice to help you make the best choice for your store.

Payment options

This is a paramount factor for your online store. As such, you need to decide what payment options best suits you and your clients since come options attract hefty costs. It is advisable to do some comprehensive research into the different cart options that come with your web design.


Several costs come with setting up an eCommerce such as:

  • Shipping cost,
  • Credit card processing cost,
  • Products wholesale price,
  • Website fee and others.

The best strategy is to keep these costs and fees at a minimum to ensure you get maximum profitability. Ideally, it is best to have a spreadsheet to help you keep track of all the costs. For instance, if you choose to do free shipping, you may want to include the shipping boxes, labels, and other shipping supplies costs you’ll incur.

Owning an online store is no walk in the park, but once you analyze and consider all the aspects involved such as the product and payment options, you can make the experience a pleasant one. Even then, ensure you consult a legal adviser on matters of licensing and insurance and choose the best product supply option.