Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses Ways to Keep Your Marketing Plan Simple and Easy to Follow


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, a well-defined marketing plan is essential to grow your business and achieve the maximum ROI against your investment. However, it should also be simple to follow and implement to ensure a smooth operation. For instance, good marketing plans must include all the marketing and advertising goals, a timeline for all the tasks, and key performance indicators (KPIs) that you can track with ease.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to create a simple marketing plan that is easy to follow:

  1. Create metric-driven goals – The best way to ensure that you are on the correct track is to create metric-driven goals that are as clear as possible. You should focus on listing the key performance indicators that would allow you to assess the impact of the marketing strategy on your conversion, traffic, customer success, and more.

For instance, metric-driven goals can include:

  • Creating 2 YouTube videos every month
  • Decreasing the bounce rate by 10% by the next quarter
  • And more
  1. Create actionable marketing strategies – A good marketing strategy should be actionable so that everything falls into place. And, to create actional marketing strategies you must combine the contextual information with relevant metrics and use the appropriate tools to communicate information seamlessly.

For instance, you can use mind maps and flow charts to easily convey a complicated marketing strategy with many moving parts. It would also allow for the easy visualization of the marketing strategy that would make it more actionable.

You can also create project and product roadmaps to learn where you are on the current plan and how to proceed without any doubts. And, to make things even simpler, you can create a simple timeline of your marketing plan or a “Next, Now, and Later” chart that helps to keep things in flow.

  1. Research your competitors – Accurate competitor research is an essential part of creating a sound marketing strategy. However, a detailed competitor research also allows you to create a simple and easy to follow marketing strategy since you can achieve peace of mind when you know you are always one step ahead of the competition.

You can use SWOT analysis to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, learn about the threats they are facing, and the opportunities they are mission.

Once you understand your competition, you can copy their content marketing strategy, SEO strategy, social media marketing strategy, and any other strategy and even improve them to stay ahead of them.

  1. Create detailed customer personas – Creating detailed customer personas is another important element of a successful and easy to follow marketing strategy. Once you know about your ideal customers in details including their needs and biggest problems, you can create a marketing strategy that revolves around that aspect and makes it easier to implement the marketing plan.

You can survey your audience, interview your users, conduct focus groups, and gather information from third party to acquire information about your ideal customers.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you also create an executive summary that lists the company goals, marketing success, future plans, and other essential facts. It should be to the point and only contain essential information such as high-level metrics, important company milestones, facts about the brand, etc.