Simple Way To Refill A Canon Printer Ink

Refilling Canon printer ink can be expensive. Fortunately, most Canon cartridges are refillable, and one can save money by replacing the ink on own. Refilling Canon cartridges is simple, with the chance that one has the right instruments. With a refill unit, one can undoubtedly do this job on own.

Perform Printhead Cleaning On PC

The moment people see stripes on their printed pages, they regularly accept that they need more ink. Sometimes, however, a dirty print head causes this. Try choosing the printhead cleaning option from the “Gadgets and Printers” menu and see if it makes a difference

Shake The Ink Cartridge

In case one gets the wrong message that one runs out of ink, it is conceivable that there is only one clog in the cartridges. Remove each inkjet cartridges, turn it over and shake it tenderly. Put the cartridge back in place and verify that the problem is resolved.

Clean The Ink Cartridge Sensors

Dirty sensors can also cause an error message when one’s not really out of ink, and cleaning them can solve the problem. Use a paper towel moistened with a little alcohol and rubs the sensors gently on the cartridge. At that point, try printing again.

Obtain a Canon Ink Cartridge Refill Unit 

These units should resemble the canon printer ink, a needle to infuse the ink, and a small thumb drill. One can find them at most office supply stores or on the web.

Discard The Ink Cartridge

Some printers have several instruments for disposing of cartridges. Cartridges are normally stored under the printer’s scanner unit, so lift it. Usually, pushing the cartridge down makes it awkward. At that point, wriggle tenderly until the cartridge slides out.

Remove Seal Sticker

Remove the sticker on each cartridge with a service blade. If one has never refilled these cartridges, there should, in any case, be stickers on the top covering the refill openings. Carefully slide the sharp blade under the adhesive and remove it. One can eliminate it, claiming that one can use tape to cover the refill openings later.

Make Hole

Cut the circle at the top of the cartridge with the thumb drill. On the ink cartridge, there should be a small circle at the top. This shows where one should make an opening to reload. Take the inkjet cartridges in one hand and the drill with the thumb in the other. Drive the bit through the circle until it reaches the plastic. At this point, make a circular motion of the drill to increase the opening. Besides, the rest is simple.