The Benefits of Selling Your Car for Scrap

Your old car has finally reached the end of its tether. It has been a good run these many years, but all good things must come to an end, and your car has indeed reached that end. It’s time for you to get a new car, and you’re certainly eager to do so. Even so, the question remains – what are you going to do with your old car? You’d like to get some value back for it, but in its antiquated and rundown state, there’s little hope that you could trade it in at a used car dealership.

On the other hand, you might well have more success trading it into a dealer looking to buy cars with another motive in mind. Sim Vic in London buys and sells cars for scrap, and can offer you great value for your old vehicle – and here’s how.

The True Value of Your Car

Old cars are often worth more for their raw metals than as vehicles. That’s why the best scrap buyers in London buy vehicles with the intention of extracting the gold, silver, copper, iron, and other valuable metals. The best scrap buyers can, thus, appraise your car, figure out how much its raw metals are worth, and give you a cash payout.

The Environmental Benefits

Who buys these extracted metals? Car companies. With increased pressure to limit mining due to environmental concerns, car manufacturers are increasingly looking to purchase recycled cars and parts which contain the metals they need. As such, selling your car for scrap doesn’t just benefit you, it also benefits the environment.

Get fair value back for your old car with the best scrap buyers in London.