The Worst Is Behind: AmEx Shows Signs of Comeback

The U.S. economy like the majority of economies worldwide is faced with a recession caused by COVID-19. Payment networks can’t stay isolated from what’s happening in the country. This article is about American Express’ new offers and the assistance that provides for merchants. Specifically, it’s about the Platinum Card® from AmEx and the AmEx® Gold Card offers for new cardholders, as well as about other perks.

AmEx Is Coming Back:

Today, there’s no shortage of credit cards. Let’s take American Express. The company is showing signs of improvement and comeback. AmEx is currently taking steps to adapt to the changing consumer spending habits amid COVID-19.

Based on the credit card giant’s recent survey, COVID-19 has made half of the consumers order takeout and delivery more often than during the period before it. Is your business struggling to stay afloat? Do you need business funding or payment processing services tailored to your own specific business needs?

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New Offers From American Express

Consumers can now enjoy additional perks offered by many AmEx-branded cards. Specifically:

  • Now, U.S. consumers having a Platinum, Gold, or Green credit card can get a complimentary Eats Pass membership via Uber Eats for up to 12 months.

  • 2021 will start with a new perk for the consumers with an AmEx Gold Card. Particularly, they’ll be able to get $10 each month in Uber Cash (up to $120 per year). The amount can be used on both UberEats orders and Uber rides in the U.S.

  • The elevated welcome bonus offers from American Express are developed to maximize the rewards consumers earn while making purchases during the holidays.

As you see, American Express is taking measures to improve its situation. This way, the credit card giant is trying to get out of the COVID-19-related crisis. Specifically, AmEx is offering new benefits for its cardholders.

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