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Get Entertained by Triller Fight Club from Ryan Kavanaugh

On top of their creation of the music-based social network, Triller, Ryan Kavanaugh, and Bobby Sarnevesht are on a shared mission to shake up the boxing world once and for all. In dreaming up Triller Fight Club, Ryan Kavanaugh set out to buck traditions and breathe new life into the sport. Designed for the 17- to 27-year-old crowd, their events have managed to garner big interest with their combination of combat sports and musical performances. Co-founder Snoop Dogg adds to the hype, getting everyone chatting about what’s to come from this winning collaboration.

The Launch of a Fight Club Unlike Any Other

To kick off the Triller Fight Club experience, Ryan Kavanaugh and his crew managed to delight over one million viewers with a fight between Roy Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson. Although that fight was well worth the hype, many tuned in for the bout between Youtuber Jake Paul and NBA star Nate Robinson.

The musical performances by Lil Wayne, French Montana, and Wiz Khalifa likely contributed to the pull as well. The combination of music and combat sports is a novel concept that’s undoubtedly driving interest by leaps and bounds.

In the past, boxing matches were simply focused on technical challenges and the rivalries that resulted from each bout. With Triller Fight Club, the focus centers on the full entertainment experience, ensuring that viewers are wholly thrilled through every last moment.

Big Delays Derail Plans for Lopez-Kambosos Fight

Although their concept is solid, even the best-laid plans can end up derailed. And that’s exactly what happened to the second event for Triller Fight Club. After winning a $6 million bid for the George Kambosos-Teofimo Lopez lightweight title fight, they put the event on the calendar for early June.

Soon after, Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather agreed to a bout on June 6th. So, to keep that event from affecting their own, Kavanaugh elected to push their fight out to June 19th. Unfortunately, that wasn’t in the cards because Lopez ended up with a COVID-19 infection and quarantine orders.

In response, a series of events occurred, leading to the ultimate demise of their second event. First, Kambosos wouldn’t stay in the US. Then, the International Boxing Federation refused a venue change.

After that, the fight changed to October 4th briefly before the team realized that baseball playoffs, Monday Night Football games, and other events could get in the way. Upon trying to reschedule yet again, Kambosos stopped responding, missed a flight to the US, and asked for a raise. The event was canceled as a result of all these complications.

Competitive Bouts to Come for Triller Fight Club

Not to be derailed completely, Ryan Kavanaugh set out to create their third event, TrillerVerz III. At this event, up-and-coming New York fighters will brawl plus DJ Super Cat & Friends plan to perform. As the grand finale, KRS-ONE and Big Daddy Kane will throw down in a rap battle.

Through their diligence, Ryan Kavanaugh and Bobby Sarnevesht have managed to overcome the odds and keep Triller Fight Club alive. As their events gain more and more popularity, they’re sure to make huge waves in the boxing world – and perhaps change the spirit of sport altogether.

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The Basics Behind Catalytic Converter Replacement Services

In chemistry, an oxidation catalyst is a substance that helps convert organic substances into their basic elements (atoms, ions, and compounds). The catalytic converter is based on an oxygen detector to detect the right level of oxygen in the oxidation catalyst mixture. Oxidation is a chemical reaction in which one substance is transformed into another via catalytic reactions. Here are some useful tips on how to select the most effective oxidation catalyst for your specific needs.

Common use of catalytic converters

The most common use of catalytic converters is as exhaust systems. Because they rely on combustion to burn, they are not only extremely simple to design, but also highly effective. However, as an alternative, there are products such as biodiesel that utilize the same catalyst as the diesel oxidation catalyst. In this case, the product is simply made from plain old vegetable oil.

The most efficient and common alternative used by biodiesel producers is a two-stage air filter. This is a piece of stainless steel or aluminum tubing that contains metal prisms to catch any poisonous gases emitted during the oxidation process.

After the conversion, a carbon filter containing holes and other baffle structures catches the poisonous gas and traps it inside. The product of the diesel oxidation catalyst exhaust after the treatment system is a gas with very little volume that contains carbon particles that effectively absorbs carbon dioxide released by the engine.

If you notice black smoke coming from your car engine, you should immediately take it to a mechanic. The black smoke indicates a serious problem and it may be a symptom of a clogged catalytic converter. If you notice the exhaust is not clean, you should have your catalytic converters checked out by certified technicians. A professional analysis of the problem can save you money in the long run.

Not only does a catalytic converter reduce or eliminate toxic emissions from your vehicle’s exhaust, but it also provides an increased level of power at startup. A battery can make hundreds of horsepower go a long way, but a catalytic converter only needs a little boost.


A professionally installed converter can power up a slow-starting vehicle, improve fuel mileage on an inexpensive engine and decrease the harmful effects of nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons. Many consumers do not know enough about the basics behind catalytic converter replacement services. If you have any questions, speak with a technician at your local auto parts store.

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